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Is the Sabian Geometry Newsletter for you? - Saijin
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Sabian Geometry's Taurus Newsletter has arrived!

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If you wish to receive future editions as we ingress each new zodiacal sign, make sure to sign up using the form provided.

Each newsletter will share Saijin's Zodiacal Calendar©, specially-designed to provide insightful information to assist us in living more harmoniously with the cosmos. Each Sabian Geometry Newsletter will include:


* Saijin's Zodiacal Calendar© for the current sign *

* Sabian symbols at sunrise *

* Lunation phases *

* Decans of the sign *

* Seven masters of wisdom *

* Days of Fortune *

* Special Promotions *

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Interested in learning more about the Sabian symbols?
Saijin's book, On the Shoulders of Giants is a daily guide--synthesizing the 360 Sabian symbols with the 365-day calendar--for those who desire to live life to its fullest. 
Visit Saijin's Book page to learn more. 
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