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On the Shoulders of Giants:

Advanced Techniques in Sabian Symbology

On the Shoulders of Giants is a daily guide--synthesizing the 360 Sabian symbols with the 365-day calendar--for those who desire to live life to its fullest.


Based on the 360 Sabian symbols, as formulated by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones and Miss Elsie Wheeler in 1925, this guide has five days inserted as Days of the Divine Feminine, which offers a rich and unique view of the ever-changing cycle of life. This transformational cycle, as expressed by the Sabian symbols, was elaborated upon by Dane Rudhyar in his work, An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformation and Its 360 Phases.


Renowned psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung, originator of the Theory of Synchronicity, suggested that each moment of time has unique qualities, i.e., its own signature. Saijin combines Jones’ interpretations of the Sabian symbols from The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, with Rudhyar’s idea of their deeper meaning as a transformational cycle, and interweaves them with Jung’s signatures of time and space to give us a synchronistic, meaningful and perpetual daily guide to living.


Correlating the Sabian symbols with the symbols of the Cross and the Star -- recognized and honored for their spiritual meaning throughout the ages -- Saijin brings each day’s Signature to light. These Signatures of time serve to confirm and synchronize a more meaningful approach to living. Here is a fresh, new outlook -- a daily companion to the awakening consciousness.

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