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Sabian Symbologist & Author


To develop a complete mind:

Study the science of art;

Study the art of science.

Learn how to see.

Realize that everything 

connects to everything else.

- Leonardo da Vinci

Rebecca “Saijin” Jack spent her early years as a poet, lyricist, and avid journal writer. She went on to become the mother of six children, all of whom are now adults. She launched her first website, TellingTouch, in 2006, devoted to the preservation and publication of family histories and journaling.


Shortly thereafter, as a first-term student at Kepler College of Astrological Arts, Saijin was introduced to astrological degree symbolism, and there realized her heartfelt mission and lifelong commitment to working with the Sabian symbols, as developed by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones and Miss Elsie May Wheeler in the spring of 1925 in Balboa Park, San Diego.


It was in Balboa Park that Saijin dedicated her first book, On the Shoulders of Giants:  Advanced Techniques in Sabian Symbology (2008), a research work of the symbols in their 4-fold and 5-fold models. Saijin continues to pursue her passion for research, and study--a journey begun over thirty-five years ago--working alongside others in various group settings.


Saijin’s latest personal research has been with the Sabian symbols in their inner structure. This system was first shared within the confines of The Sabian Assembly in student lessons and then shared with the public by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones in 1953 in his book, Sabian Symbols in Astrology. Dane Rudhyar had been given permission earlier to write of this system in a series of magazine articles (1945-46), which has been compiled and edited by Michael Meyers in The Lost Writings of Dane Rudhyar: The Wheel of Significance.


Saijin has cast a spotlight upon this amazing work known as Symbolical Astrology, the Inner Structure, and is bringing it forward and back into the collective consciousness.


On July 30, 2017, Saijin presented the system in its entirety at the summer conference of The Sabian Assembly, the organization founded by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones, in which Saijin holds membership, and turns now to share this unique and masterful use of the Sabian symbols with others.


She invites the curious and serious student to come and learn, to apply this unique approach to a deep and introspective understanding which will lead to greater self-discovery.


Saijin is currently engaged in writing a self-study guide in  Symbolical Astrology: The Inner Structure of the Sabian Symbols. 

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