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What is Sabian Geometry?
Exploring geometric patterns with the Sabian Symbols

We’ve all been amazed and intrigued by the multitude of artistic depictions of sacred geometry. Here at Sabian Geometry the meaningfulness and significance of those portrayals of sacred geometry will come to life and catapult the beauty beyond its numeric displays and models into meaningfulness, significance and, most importantly, to its applicability in the personal life experience.


How will this be done?

By utilizing the mandala of symbols known as the Sabian symbols, developed by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones and Miss Elsie May Wheeler, on a spring day in 1925 at San Diego’s Balboa Park.  These 360 symbols will be utilized throughout the various stages and offerings here at Sabian Geometry. They work.


The journey will begin with a focus on Symbolical Astrology, The Inner Structure of the Sabian symbols. The structure applies to the annual cycle, as well as to each of the twelve zodiacal signs.


Here is a bisection of the wheel into its objective and subjective hemispheres, a trisection of the hemispheres into dual mansions or three realms of physical, emotional, and mental, a six-fold patterning; each realm progressing through a five-fold series of phases, of which each has its own positive and negative significance.


Here is a precise and accurate inspection of the sacred geometry of each day, with the correlation applicable to personal life experience for a greater understanding and self-discovery.

The Inner Structure Presented at The Sabian Assembly Conference

On July 30, 2017, Saijin presented The Inner Structure system in its entirety at the summer conference of The Sabian Assembly, the organization founded by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones, in which Saijin holds membership, and turns now to share this unique and masterful use of the Sabian symbols with others.


Stan Carnarius, long-time member of the Sabian Assembly and author of the biography Marc Edmund Jones (founder of The Sabian Assembly) and Adventures of a Sabian Student, was in attendance. Upon completion of the presentation, Stan shared these thoughts: 


"I'm astonished because what I get from what you are saying is that there are all these things that are potentially relevant to us but, if you look at them as a whole, they are hopelessly confusing and overwhelming.  What you are suggesting is that here is a way for picking up which of these things apply to myself today, because of where the sun is and where I am in the year, and so on, so that all this stuff that could be confusing can be arranged and ordered so that all these objective factors have personal relevance.."


To follow along, please download the PowerPoint slides and Presentation Handout.  Creative resources for personal exploration can be found on the Free page

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