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What are the Sabian symbols?

Astrological Degree Symbolism. The Sabian symbols are but the most well-known set of Astrological Degree Symbolism. In fact, did you know that they are preceded by more than a dozen other historic attempts to determine special and unique meanings for each of the 360 degrees? The Sabian symbols were originated by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones in collaboration with Ms. Elsie Wheeler on a spring day in 1925 at San Diego’s Balboa Park. You can read more about that amazing event here:

The Sabian symbols open up a realm of understanding and insight for astrologers and non-astrologers alike. Elsie Wheeler reported what she saw in short phrases to Dr. Jones as he supplied her with the blank cards, on the bottom of which he had written the sign and degree, shuffling the cards intermittently. These would later be sorted and arranged in their zodiacal patterning. The word symbols portray descriptive, concise scenes, allowing our individual intuition to awaken and expand our consciousness. This inherent mystique of each individual degree of the zodiac is, therefore, left to the imagination and understanding of the beholder.


There are no official works of art--no physical pictures--associated with the Sabian symbols, and this is by design. Too suggestive an approach, they must remain in word form so that all may draw the scenes upon their own individual consciousness. To do otherwise is to limit their intuitive capacity. The interpretations of the degrees are cabalistic and intended to further awaken this individualistic insight and capability to its deepening layers of understanding.

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