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52-Card Deck Sabian Tarot Readings

Guidance from the Sabian Symbols 

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Over the past 12 years, as I have watched my mom come into relationship with the Sabian symbols, I have witnessed her ability to tune in and channel messages from the Divine with the mastery that only comes from pure devotion. Sitting down with her to do a Sabian Tarot reading is the ultimate spiritual experience that leads to complete clarity and awakening.


Because she knows the Sabian Tarot so intimately she has the ability to communicate the messages received in a beautiful visual story woven together with the golden thread of truth.


If you are seeking, you have found a guide that will lovingly take your hand and peel back the layers of your story with you, bringing you back to yourself and your truth.

- Alina Jack 

In the tradition of living on the shoulders of giants, let us turn to the author of Sabian Symbols in Card Reading, Delle Fowler, to gain a rich understanding of the Sabian Tarot method of card-reading:


Sabian Tarot 

Sabian Symbols in Card Reading, Delle Fowler - Saijin
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What is a Sabian Symbol Tarot Reading? 


A Sabian Symbol Tarot reading makes use of the 52-card deck and the original Sabian symbols assigned to each of them. These symbols were divined by a gifted psychic, Zoe Wells, in collaboration with Dr. Marc Jones. The cards are shuffled and cut and fifteen of them are laid out in an Arcanum, each of the zodiacal houses, 1-12 and three serving as overseers of the past, present and future. Saijin will then act as medium, reporting on the expanded version of the vignettes divined by Zoe and later made available to the public by Delle Fowler, with permission granted by Dr. Jones.

What can I expect during my reading?


Your session will begin with a few minutes of welcome and introduction. Then Saijin will assist you in honing your chosen issue or question to a point of precision for the tarot reading. Saijin will shuffle the cards and you will hold your question in consciousness, asking when you feel ready for the deck to be cut. When the deck is ready, Saijin will lay them out into the Arcanum to be read.


Beginning with the 1st house and working through to the 12th, Saijin will provide your selected card meanings and their associated keywords, vignettes and advisement. A reading of the three overseers of past, present and future will conclude this formal section of the tarot reading.


A discussion and summary period will follow where you can ask Saijin for any insights or impressions she may have had during the reading. You will receive a follow-up email with the important messages of your tarot session with Saijin.

How much does it cost?

  • One 60-minute Session  - $ 60

  • Five 1-hour Sessions  - $ 250

Schedule a Sabian
Tarot Reading with Saijin

Saijin is available for 60-minute readings on weekdays from 12-7pm CST. Please include a few options for the day and time you would like to meet in the comments section below. 

Thanks for submitting your request.

Saijin will email you soon!

Interested in learning more about the Sabian symbols?
Saijin's book, On the Shoulders of Giants is a daily guide--synthesizing the 360 Sabian symbols with the 365-day calendar--for those who desire to live life to its fullest. 
Visit Saijin's Book page to learn more. 
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