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Gemini 2019 Edition

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Taurus ~ The Practitioner! The Artisan! Taurus is the second mansion of the zodiac. Here is the experience of service and the continual replenishing of self through its own unrestrained expenditure. Taurus’s gift is that of socialization, without which we would remain forever in an endless state of isolation.

“More than what the gardener planted grows in the garden.” Spanish Proverb

Sun Sign ~ ♊

Sun Sign ~ Gemini

Let us greet Taurus with determined devotion!

Taurus’s Keyword ~ STAMINA


Taurus’s Mode of Action ~ VIRILITY


Taurus’s Self-Idealization ~ FREEDOM


Gemini’s Plane of Selfhood


“Taurus seen as a plane of selfhood is therefore the power of dissolution, or reducing all things to an encompassed state. The essence of life itself is melted into the being, and by the same token the being softens at the touch of external reality, and by ideals and cosmic processes is remolded and reshaped to larger actuality. The sensitiveness of man to the wholeness of creation is made possible…”
Theosophical Astrology XIV, Marc Edmund Jones

Gemini’s Emotional Power

“Taurus seen in its emotional power, its dynamic expression upon the level of consciousness it rules, is man’s capacity for a real socialization of life, which means his ability to give substance to spirit. The correlation here is to Samana, or the ‘uniting breath’ of the Hindu system… In other words, the ‘outside’ which man puts ‘inside’ himself, the tie or uniting elements between selfhood and environment.”
Theosophical Astrology XIV, Marc Edmund Jones

Calendar ~ ♊

Saijin's Zodiacal Calendar© ~ Taurus 2019

Taurus Calendar jpg.jpg

Degree and Keyword ~ Based on sunrise (central time zone). Join Sabian Geometry on Instagram for Saijin’s Reflections on the degrees of Taurus.


Date and Weekday ~ Assisting as the bridge between the conventional calendar and the zodiac.

Planetary Ruler ~ The traditional seven Chaldean planets.

Masters of Wisdom ~ Geometric forms representing the Seven Masters of Wisdom.

Lunation Phases ~ The lunar phases occurring during the sign of Taurus (central time zone).

Special Days/Degrees ~ Degrees of Exaltation, Dates of Planetary discovery, Notable Astrological Dates.

Sabian Symbols ~ ♊
Reflection 1° ~ ♊

The Sabian Symbols ~ Taurus

Saijin Sigil FINAL.png

Saijin’s reflection on Taurus 1° RESOURCEFULNESS

Taurus reflection pic.jpg
“Invite self to live its truth.”

The Sound of Silence ~ Disturbed [click to view video]

Is it clear now or is it clear as mud? Only in superficial expectation would we expect to view everything as clear. On the surface, things may not be clear at all, but look more deeply within, into the stream of your consciousness.

The entire sign of Aries was a pioneering effort towards your aspirations, onward to your hope. But now we have entered the first earth sign, ideally, and a fixed sign. Now what we aspired to has taken root in Mother Earth. Now we are in the sign of the Bull—Stamina itself! We are virility onward to peace!


To see through the stirred-up elements of the riverbed to their hidden-but-now-revealing messages? Well, that is the way of the mind’s eye—everything does become clear to the pure mind of the seeker of truth. Here then are the pure and true resources of self that see beyond the surface of things as they may appear outwardly to be.


A wise Aries once said to me, “Walk on water?! Hell, I’d rather swim through earth!” This way then! No matter how bleak appearances may be, be the one who has eyes to see clearly!


“Invite self to live its truth.” Saijin


More reflections at

Image: screen capture from video The Sound of Silence – Disturbed.

Taurus 1° Sabian Symbol ~

A clear mountain stream

Interpretations 1° ~ ♊
Taurus 1.jpg

A photograph of the original Sabian symbol card, written by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones, as Elsie Wheeler reported on her visions that spring day of 1925 in San Diego's Balboa Park. For more information on The Sabian Assembly or to read a selection of works by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones on-line, please visit  and

Three Interpretations for the First Degree

Taurus 1° A clear mountain stream


This is a symbol of the individual spirit in its irrepressibility, and of the purity and excellence of its real sources of strength. Here man is freed from any necessity to meet the superficial limitations of life in any particular way or to conform to any pattern of events except as there is a genuine contribution to an ultimate goal. The self possesses illimitable depths on which to draw in any special emergency, and holds to an over-all consistency in its self-expression. The keyword is RESOURCEFULNESS. When positive, the degree is high achievement through an unswerving fidelity to some definite course of action, and when negative, a tendency to waste the potentialities of being by aimless self-ramifications.

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, First Edition (1953)

Taurus 1° A clear mountain stream.


Keynote: The pure, uncontaminated and spontaneous manifestation of one's own nature.


Here we see life substance in its original dynamic form and as it emerged from its spiritual source. This is true whatever the nature of the source may be. In a sense the mountain stream is conditioned by the nature of the soil and by all the forces which in the past have formed the mountain's rock strata: that is to say, by past history. Yet out of this past a new, pure (i.e. unadulterated) release of potentiality has emerged. It is ready to perform whatever work its dharma is to accomplish.

This is the first stage of the seventh five-fold sequence of phases. Matter is still imbued with great potential energy, energy being matter at its source. It is flowing irresistibly toward its own destiny. It is simply ITS OWN NATURE.

Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases (1973)

Taurus 1° A clear mountain stream. KEYWORD: Resourcefulness

THEME: Self as the Source of Strength. This symbol speaks to the impossibility of restraining the human spirit and to the purity of the spiritual fountainhead from which all life flows. The image of a clear mountain stream emphasizes spontaneity, creativity and freedom. Just as a stream accepts the limitations of rocks and obstacles only as they help it reach its destination, so the individual is free from all requirement to accept unnecessary limitation or live his life according to any predetermined pattern, except as he chooses for the purpose of helping him achieve his objectives. Positive: At its highest, this symbol represents a clear and deep understanding of the self's destiny, and the determination to achieve it. Negative: Self-dissipation through a tendency to scatter the resources of self or go out in all directions at once.


TODAY: The accent is on light-hearted spontaneity and freedom. You may be experiencing an inner urge to break pattern and try something new. Rules and regulations may feel especially burdensome. Adventure beckons.


Opportunity: Your greatest advantage lies in capitalizing on your creative energy. Write down the new ideas and thoughts that come to you today. Knock again on that door that has been closed.


Risk: Guard against going out in all directions or trying to do too many things at once. Curb that urge to throw caution to the wind and overspend your time, energy and money.


STEPPING STONES: Source, purity, clarity, spontaneity, freedom, lack of constraint, liveliness, creativity, inspiration.

Diana E. Roche, The Sabian Symbols: A Screen of Prophecy (1998)

On the Shoulders of Giants: Advanced Techniques in Sabian Symbology, is a study of all 360 symbols in their fourfold and fivefold models.

Lunations ~ ♊

The Lunations ~ Taurus

Join Saijin for New Moon Tarot Readings and livestream Lunar Phase Messages at each phase ingress.
(See Zodiacal Calendar for times)

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The Eight Lunation Phases and their meanings:
  • NM ~ New Moon:  The vibration (or “tone”) of the new solar impulse stirs the inner, subjective life and spreads outward.

  • CM ~ Crescent Moon: There is a struggle of wills, as the new impulse faces the resistance-inertia of crystallized forms, memories, etc. One notes a search for “new land”, virgin fields of experience.

  • 1Q ~ First Quarter Moon: This is a period of crisis in action, repudiation of the past, building of new structures. There is a forceful, organizing approach to reality. Decision. Overcoming difficulties or sense of defeat.

  • GM ~ Gibbous Moon:  A critical, self-improving, evaluating approach to reality is noted. Devotion or clarification of individual goals takes place.  

  • FM ~ Full Moon: Objective, conscious approach to life and reality. The original impulse (“tone”) has become a “relatively) clear concept or “image”. A new kind of power develops; it is mental-social, rather than biological-instinctual. Negatively, it denotes separation from what has been built during the waxing period.

  • DM ~ Disseminating Moon: A demonstration of the concept or “vision” gained; dissemination of ideas. One feels increased awareness of participation in society or reaching beyond reality. Ideological struggle and perhaps fanaticism results.

  • 3Q ~ Third Quarter Moon: There is a pinnacle moment in consciousness. Social decisions are made. Revolution or reform results, catabolic activity is noted. Building of strong, tight groups dedicated to ushering in the new cycle yet to come is undertaken. Negatively, dictatorial attitude and ruthlessness come to the fore.

  • BM ~ Balsamic Moon: One notes a reaping of harvest and sowing of seed. Personal sacrifice and attitude of service to institutions and groups are keys. We see petition to the spirit, prophetic attitude. It is a linking of the past to the future—or total disintegration.

Decans ~ ♊

The Decans ~ Taurus


Quest Tarot Cards by Joseph Martin

The Decans are a division of Solar time into three sets of ten degrees. They bring forward, from ancient times, an historic thread of esotericism and astrology. Each decan is also associated with a planetary overseer and a tarot card.


Taurus Decan I ~ The Plow: “Cultivating Resources”

Degrees 1-10

Ruler: Venus

Tarot ~ 5 of Pentacles


In this first decan of Taurus we survey our resources and determine how best to multiply them to bring forth abundantly. Waste not, want not, is the motto here.  But worry, too, may accompany, but if so, let it inspire you to plan for future needs.


Taurus Decan II ~ The A Linga-Yoni: “Procreative Virtue”

Degrees 11-20

Ruler: Mercury

Tarot ~ 6 of Pentacles


At the heart of this decan lies Beltane, the cross section between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. A fertile time, the giving of alms, the keys to success. Here the raw power of passion is to be tempered by peace, order, and justice.


Taurus Decan III ~ A String of Prayer Beads: “It Shall Come to Pass”

Degrees 21-30

Ruler: Saturn

Tarot ~ 7 of Pentacles


Though there are unsettling images here, the Litai are here as well. They carry uttered prayers to the ear of the heavens. Likewise Medusa’s eye, ALGOL, the fixed star is here, but also the 7 Sisters, the Pleiades. Be alert to this decan’s duality. Be humble.

Recommended reading and source: Austin Coppock, The History, Astrology and Magic of the Decans (2014)

7 Masters ~ ♊

The Seven Masters of Wisdom ~ Taurus

Revisiting the geometric shapes in Saijin’s Zodiacal Calendar©

These geometric shapes are icons representing the Seven Masters of Wisdom as spoken of in The Emerald Tablet:

“Before the Lords of hidden Amenti learned I the wisdom I give unto men. Masters are they of the great Secret Wisdom, brought from the future of infinity’s end. Seven are they, the Lords of Amenti, overlords they of the Children of Morning, Suns of the Cycles, Masters of Wisdom. Formed are not they as the children of men? Three, Four, Five and Six, Seven, Eight, Nine are the titles of the Masters of men.”

  • Trigon – Sunday – Ruler, the Sun – The First Master of Wisdom is Three:
    “THREE holds the key of all hidden magic, creator he of the halls of the Dead; sending forth power, shrouding with darkness, binding the souls of the children of men; sending the darkness, binding the soul force; director of negative to the children of men.”  (May be used in conjunction with the Root Chakra.)

  • Tetragon - Monday – Ruler, the Moon – The Second Master of Wisdom is Four:
    “FOUR is he who looses the power. Lord, he, of Life to the children of men. Light is his body, flame is his countenance; freer of souls to the children of men.” (May be used in conjunction with the Sacral Chakra.)

  • Pentagon – Tuesday – Ruler, Mars – The Third Master of Wisdom is Five:
    “FIVE is the master, the Lord of all magic – Key to The Word that resounds among men.” (May be used in conjunction with the Solar Plexus Chakra.)

  • Hexagon – Wednesday – Ruler, Mercury – The Fourth Master of Wisdom is Six:
    “SIX is the Lord of Light, the hidden pathway, path of the souls of the children of men.” (May be used in conjunction with the Heart Chakra.)

  • Heptagon – Thursday – Ruler, Jupiter – The Fifth Master of Wisdom is Seven:
    “SEVEN is he who is Lord of the vastness, master of Space and the key of the Times.” (May be used in conjunction with the Throat Chakra.)

  • Octagon – Friday – Ruler, Venus – The Sixth Master of Wisdom is Eight:
    ”EIGHT is he who orders the progress; weighs and balances the journey of men.” (May be used in conjunction with the Third Eye Chakra.)

  • Enneagon – Saturday – Ruler, Saturn – The Seventh Master of Wisdom is Nine:
    “NINE is the father, vast he of countenance, forming and changing from out of the formless.” (May be used in conjunction with the Crown Chakra.)

Visit Saijin’s Septenary to see the inner cycle of the Seven Masters of Wisdom for each Sabian symbol degree!

Image: THE EMERALD TABLET ~ Source: Alchemy and Mysticism from The Hermetic Museum Author: Heinrich Khunrath Work: Amhitheatrum sapientae aeternae Date: 1606. This work is over 400 years old, in the public domain.

Promotions ~ ♊

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